Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clickbank Pitch Pages, Who Would Buy?

I really don't understand who would buy anything from a Clickbank Pitch Page. People do apparently, but not people like me.

The only thing I bought from Clickbank is my subscription to DomainProfiteer, and only because a friend that I trust (and met in person, not online) recommended it to me. Otherwise I would not trust the information inside.

See like this product, The Domain Secrets Book
Or this one, Domain Dashboard and CPanel & Seo Manager

Unfortunately, I love DomainProfiteer and everything I have learned about domain investing and finding valuable domains. My subscription has been worth the money I invested and I am headed toward a break even point (I would be there already if I didn't go really high bidding on some domains). Just last month I made $50 passively with my parked domains and I did have one that I resold for a huge ROI (see entry).

I wonder if there are other excellent Clickbank products out there that are marketed poorly, or if I found one of the few diamonds in a bucket full of glass. I would like to market some of Clickbank's other products, but I can't seem to find one that is interesting to me, or worth the money to try it out.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Domain Parking Increasing in Revenue

In April I really didn't do anything in domain investing or blog posting. I've been busy working on a few joint ventures.

Yesterday, I took a look at my stats for the 40 odd domains that I have parked with Sedo.com and my profits went up 37.45%! Amazing! There really are 2-3 domains that are really pushing my income and making the most amount of money.

In February I made $22.29 total for my domains.
That went up to $36.73 in March.
In April (my month of doing nothing) I made $50.80!

That is more than $1 per domain and with each domain being about $9/year it isn't a bad investment.

Now it is just to multiply the domains I have to bring in even more money.

Is anyone selling used domains?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Audio Comparing Online Domains to Real Estate

I found this great audio that I want to share with everyone. It is about how domains are like online real estate.

It is really great and a must for anyone who is starting out with a website, a blog, or affiliate program.

Listen here

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here is a good parked site..

I started working on the topsilversites.com, but realized that it is going to take more than just a few hours of work to get something good up and going. I expect to have a good start that I can post by the end of next week.

In the meantime I was looking at my parked domain stats and found a good one to share. I bought tanning-lotions-wholesale.com even though the traffic statistics didn't look all that good. I got it uncontested on the domain aftermarket for $60 and immediately parked it with Sedo. It has been parked for 4 months now and have made a total of $7.54. Now, I know that isn't much, but the interested thing is how the amount has changed.

In the first month the domain made $0.06. I was actually kicking myself for buying it after such a disappointing month. The second month it went to $3.62, this looked a little better. Then in the third month the revenue dropped to $1.93! However, there are still 10 more days in this month and the domain is already up to $2.30. I think we will get up to $3.00 for sure.

Comparing to what I make on my websites that take hours to build and a lot of brain power to create, I prefer to purchase an expired domain and then just let the parking houses do all of the tough work.

Learn how to find domains in the domain aftermarket.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

303 Visitors to an $8.20 Domain

Here is my next project. I don’t know where the traffic is coming from for www.topsilversites.com, but it has been parked since December and is still getting a good number of visitors every month.

However, the site has made a whopping $0.06 parked.

This is going to be my next project. Get TopSilverSites.com up and running and monetize the traffic that it receives. For the 3.5 months that it was parked it received 303 visitors. That is pretty good and could be about $150 worth of traffic (if clicks are costing $0.50 for silver related keywords). It should be doing better…

AdSense here we come!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

$538.50 Worth of Traffic for Under $200

Another Domain that I bought on the domain aftermarket is gsresources.com. I spent a little bit more than the minimum $60 after-market private auction price, but less than $200.

Little did I know that the site was built around the Suzuki GS series motorcycle. I went ahead and parked it in December. The first month the site did $16.25, the second $9.97 and now in the third month the site did $11.65.

What is amazing is the amount of traffic that the site receives! In the 2 and a half months that the site was parked, it received 1795 page visits! Now if I was buying traffic at $0.10 per click (very cheap and probably not very well targeted) it would have cost me $179!!! That is more than I paid for the site.

I dug a little deeper… I searched for Suzuki motorcycle on Google AdWords. I don’t have the exact price, but the advertiser competition bar is completely green meaning that there are a lot of people using that keyword and the price is probably higher than 10 cents.

If the keyword price is $0.30, a very normal price, then the value of traffic I have received on the site in 2 and a half months is $538.50!

Already with the revenue I have been making from parking I should get back my investment, plus some this year. It looks like an ROI of 114% as long as the parking revenue stays up. So far February was better than January. If you take a look at the site it well targeted with Suzuki related ads. I am curious to see how March goes.

If this continues, next year I will have an ROI of 2029% because I will only have to pay $8.99 to keep the domain.

Learn how I found this profitable domain.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What About my Parked Domains?--ask-the-lawyer.com

I wanted to go through the type of parking statistics that I have gotten from my domains. I started buying domains through private auction after taking a month training course through Domain Profiteer. I also had access to information about domains such as how many links they have from other sites, the page ranking they have been getting, whether they are listed with DMOZ (I have since tried to list some sites, but DMOZ seems to be out-of-order). So, I took all of the information and analyzed it, giving certain things like “write in traffic” a higher weight than others. Then I decided which domains to buy based on the score they received in the analysis I created.

My first domain was www.ask-the-lawyer.com that I bought in a private auction uncontested for $60. It scored 45% in my analysis. I parked it with Sedo on November 28th and in two days I made $0.52. In December I made $22.68. Then something happened and my profit dropped. My page views where cut in half, but my profits lowered dramatically. I made $0.62 in January and $0.39 so far in February.

Really, looking back at the stats for www.ask-the-lawyer.com, it doesn’t look like such a good domain. It only had page rank of 1 from Google and 77 links to it from other sites. It must have been receiving good search traffic that was lost when Google discovered that the domain was parked. The archived pages for http://www.ask-the-lawyer.com/ looks great and the name says exactly what the site did.

Overall the site has made $23.69 total, a 39.5% ROI. A high ROI like that not easy to find in Real Estate and I would consider this site a success. Because of the sudden unexplained loss of revenue the next question is whether or not to develop the site to increase search traffic and get revenues up through another means such as AdSense. Or should I let the site sit and wait? The domain still is getting good traffic every month for doing nothing; maybe it is time to resell it.